Incentive Speech: It's Showtime!

Set yourself in scene and convince!

You have the know-how but your competitors have the success? What is their secret? You want potential customers to find you? You want successful long-term business relations?

The solution is: SELF-MARKETING

It is commonplace in the UK and the US and it’s slowly finding its place in Germany.

Advertise yourself. Put yourself in perspective! Draw attention towards yourself and position yourself clearly. Qualified, credible, honest and authentic. Meeting the requirements of your target group.

How? You will learn that in 90 enthralling and diverting minutes. It’s Showtime is the title of my presentation that fills you in on the secrets of successful self-marketing. Informative, interactive and practical, with plenty of examples from everyday life.

Target group: Self-employed, managers, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, actors/actresses, politicians, artists.

And/or 30 Minutes Incentive Speech