Communicator of Passion.

How does a person work, how does he tick, how does he show that, what drives him, ...

The individual person with all their facets has fascinated me for as long as I can remember: the different characters, behaviours, reactions and motivation as well as the associated body - which led me directly to psychology, philosophy and the performing arts.

During my studies, I got to know the world of media and decided that documentary films were a wonderful way of reconciling everything: Communication, psychology and working with people.

However, my creations as a producer and director showed me with increasing clarity that my heart was set more on working with people per se than publicising their world.

Today, I can avail myself of my treasure trove of versatile experience and pass this on to others in my trainings, coaching and consultations.

I am based in Germany, but have lived and worked in the USA, UK, France, Carribbean, Germany and Austria.

German is my mother tongue, but I am also fluent in English, quite fluent in French and Spanish...- I am working on.

Fields of Activity

Coaching, counseling and training for topics revolving around communication, presentation, sales, customer care and media
Media-coaching and training
PR: media conferences, press releases, texts, advertisement and press coordination etc.


B2B, B2C, Media
Companies, Institutions, Organizations, Agencies
Retail & Service Provider
From assistant to CEO
Politicians, Athlets & VIPs


LMU Munich (1989 – 91) graduated Magister Artium (Communication; Rhetoric; Direct Marketing (Prof. Siegfried Vögele); Market Psychology (Peter Neumann), Market- and Advertisement Psychology (Prof. Lutz v. Rosenstiel)
Performing Arts (1982 – 92: in London, Paris, Munich)
During and after University: Newspaper-, broadcast- and TV-internships (SZ, BR, ZDF)
Seminars in rhetoric, communication, media training (freelance)
Since 1992: self-employed in the media world (ARTE, ZDF, BR, PRO7)
EAVE 1999: one year of advanced education in international film productions (focus on documentaries) in England, Finland and the Netherlands
2002 - today: intense education in topics and programs covering communication, sales and behavioural psychology
2007 - today: KommunikationsErfolg (CommunicationSuccess) - com & de (see trainings & coaching)
2009 - today: KiJuKom: presentation and communication courses for teenagers (upon request)

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