Efficient Communication is not a Coincidence!


* Giving & Receiving.
* Social Competence & Emotional Intelligence.
* Rhetoric & Body Language.
* Listening & Observing.
* Public Image & Self-Concept.
* Questions & Answers.
* Target & Need Oriented.
* Purposeful & Specific.
* Learnable!

Efficient communication is measuralbe: - in terms of profit, time, clarity and easiness!

Choose your training or set up your individual training program.
I happily support you at that. (Contact / Callback)
We will focus on the uniqueness of your personality and your situation. Together we will set your individual course to success.

Use your own resources. Unfold your talents. Be convincing!

Looking forward to working with you!


For more than 20 years, I have been supporting, advising and training people from all age groups, professional sectors and industries to get the best out of themselves, feel confident and shine.

Strengths: Recognising and encouraging potentials in people.

Implementation: By helping you to help yourself – interactive, humorous, consistent, practical and with the finger on the pulse of time.

Themes: Rhetoric & Body Language / Public Speaking / Media Training / Management Communication / Negotiation / Sales / Customer Care /Personality Optimisation / Team Building / Change Communication / Conflicts and Issues / Self-Marketing / Soft Skills & Empathy

Languages: German (native language), English (fluent), French (good)


-> Workshops, Coaching, Counseling, Presentation.
-> Open Trainings, Closed and Inhouse Trainings, Individual Trainings.

* Situation analysis and/or live on site
* Involving the overall picture
* Define aspiration
* Finde solutions
* Practise / implement / apply
* Check / assess

No golden rules, but customised, practical and instantly realizable.

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