Profession or Vocation

(Personality Development / Hero’s Journey; Workshop:
2 days)

Are you happy or have you already started gnawing on the hamster wheel of life?

Higher, quicker, further, better...

This workshop is for anyone who is currently running out of air, who wants to change something, who is looking for perspectives.

We, Angela Bittner and Leonor Bruna, will accompany you on this journey into your subconscious. We will dig with you to uncover your talents, desires and hopes. And we will give you the tools so that you don’t slide straight back into the rat race unnoticed. Instead, you will make a conscious decision for your well-being and live your dream. Out of your comfort zone is the motto and into the magical zone is the goal!

Length: 2 days
Location & price on request.


Professional, creative, individual and unique… - With Hollywood's tool for actors and screenwriters, the Hero’s Journey!

Only it isn’t a stranger playing the lead role here – you yourself are the hero. The hero of your life. The life that you define. During these two days, you will find out more about yourself, your wishes, worries, talents, compulsions, needs and opportunities than your closest confidant. And you will find solutions on how to achieve your dream or, in the ideal case, you will gain confirmation that you have done everything right! Training content & process and investment on request.

Locations: Germany, Switzerland, Austria


Am I self-determined or defined by others?
Is my self-concept correct or am I being dictated to by my public image?
Am I playing a role or am I authentic?
What does my subconscious say: Am I happy?
How can I change my life to my advantage?


Recognise new perspectivesDiscover talents
Establish energy resources
Find the hero within
Make your vision your mission
Out of your comfort zone
Into the magical zone - into my self-determined life...


Situation analysis
Character definition
Methods from the method acting
Hero's Journey


Managing directors
Managerial staff
Executive team
Company owners
Anyone who has a lot of responsibility

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