Unfold yourself!

You are successful. You have been promoted or headhunted. You are now in a new position, in new surroundings, with a new team in order to become even more successful…

But unfortunately it’s not quite working out. You’re not feeling comfortable anymore. You don’t perform as easily and intuitively as you used to. You feel like somebody clipped your wings.

That’s normal, because everything around you is new: The surroundings, the company culture, the people, the routines. You know that. The others overlook it. What’s left then is the pressure. The pressure to function in the new environment as well, to seamlessly continue being successful or to become even more successful.

Take that pressure off yourself. Allow yourself a business-coach, an objective trainer from the sidelines, who will find solutions together with you, who will lead you back to familiar grounds, who will grow your wings again.
(See also: Personality-Coaching)

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