Emotional Branding


Why do so many want to go to London instead of Leicester?
Why are there more people with an iPhone than with a Siemens mobile phone?
Why would we rather treat ourselves to a Rolex than to a no-name?

Because we identify with these products or places.
Because they make us feel good.
Because they stand for quality, lifestyle or prestige.

Mankind functions through emotion, even the men…
The mind justifies what the heart desires.

The advertisement industry knows pretty well how to use this fact. They bind customers emotionally to a product with huge success. You can do that, too!

We are happy to support you in this. We, meaning Angela Bittner and Daniela Erdmann.
Together we are going to take a look at both sides of the coin (Person/ Company) and we are going to show you:

* How you can be convincing as both, as a person and as an enterprise.
* How to lead your employees and colleagues and how to bind your customers emotionally and sustainably.
* How to distinct yourself profitably from the masses as a person and as an enterprise.

Companies more and more rely on the power of emotional branding, especially in a difficult market environment. Customer acquisition and retention are gradually enhanced by an emotional and sensorial oriented customer approach. The customer understands this as a non-material benefit. Gain an advantage through non-material values and distinguish yourself from your competitors this way.

Your employees’ conduct, representing the company with their self-marketing, as well as your company culture that helps you provide a frame for the internal / external relation are decisive factors of success.

In order to achieve sustainable success it is necessary to maintain the emotional branding through all CI-fields in a stringent way.


1. Branding:
How to gain market shares through emotional branding in homogenous and stagnating markets.

2. Corporate Behavior:
Your employee – The brand ambassador

3. Corporate Communication:
What does a flirt have in common with your company presentation?

Our seminars are mainly directed towards employers, resp. the first and second management level. In terms of “Train the trainers”, the content can be handed on to the employees. We support you with the respective documents and also train your employees directly upon request.

Further information upon request.

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