Be convincing!


You are full of energy and drive. And you want success.

In order to be successful, you have to radiate success. You have to be authentic. Natural. Reliable. Capable.
You need charisma and charm, because you want to carry conviction. Optically as well as verbally.
You should be tangible and unique, i.e. you need a distinct profile. You are to represent your company in a confident and capable way. Profitable and likeable.

How that works, in which way the correlations are mutually dependent, what is going on with the first impression and how important proper preparation and a decent approach towards people is, is what we elaborate, try out and train in an intensive, practical and individual way.

“Be convincing” is training in methods and soft skills, in sense and sensation.

You have three progressive trainings to choose from:

Be convincing! – Self-marketing
Be Convincing! – Action & Reaction
Be convincing! – Strengthen your personality

Duration: 1 day each
Location and fees upon request

I. Be convincing! Self-marketing

Set yourself in scene and be convincing!

The world is your stage. Whenever you appear, at a podium, in your store, in the media or at customer’s, for customer acquisition, in a conversation, a presentation or a talk: You stage yourself. You want to convince.

Your success depends on the quality of your staging. Your listeners and viewers will decide on it. Are you credible, natural and likeable? Do you come across as capable, do you touch your audience, and are you offering solutions?

So it’s you on one side, with your professional capability and your product and your target group on the other. How can you reach them? How do you motivate them to take action? It’s done with strategy and self-marketing.

What that exactly means, how it works and how you can use it for yourself is what you learn in this training. Together we will build a solid frame for your future appearances.

Main content:
* Conversation strategy
* Uniqueness
* Non-verbal communication
* Surplus value
* Sustainability

Aim: This training is the foundation for professional self-marketing: Internal and external effects, distinctiveness, team spirit, empathy and authenticity. Rethinking from “to have to” to “to be allowed to” is the key to a credible, open, likeable and successful performance. Only the convinced will be able to convince.

Target group: Self-employed, entrepreneurs, public figures, newcomers in the management level.

II. Be Convincing! Action & Reaction

Main content:
* Motive vs. motivation
* Public image vs. self-image
* Associations and prejudice
* Characters and dispositions
* Rhetorical basics
* Internet appearance

Aim: The image you have of yourself is not necessarily congruent with the impression your counterpart receives. One often doesn’t understand other’s reactions. You stand in your own way. You set the wrong requirements. You try to bend yourself and try to suit all and everyone. It doesn’t need to be this way. Everybody has talents. Here, they are to be discovered and put to a profitable use.

Target group: Self-employed, entrepreneurs, management level, public figures and those building upon I. Be convincing! – Self-marketing

III. Be convincing! Strengthen your personality

Main content:
* Image and self-image
* Super objective and message
* Rhetoric in conversational technique
* Perception
* Communication behavior (men/women)
* Internet and social media

Aim: Self-assessment, external assessment, perception and diplomacy. All of these are skills that tend to be overlooked in our fast-paced world of facts and figures. Too bad, because exactly these skills increase the sales and raise the self-confidence. This training enhances the personality development, sharpens the awareness and increases the feel-good factor.

Target group: Management level, public figures and those building upon II. Be convincing! – Action & Reaction


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