Media Training


2 independent yet combinable workshops: Press & PR / TV & Radio

Be it the press, radio or television, on the phone, the microphone or in front of the camera.

Unknown situations create insecurity and insecurity distracts you from the essence: your successful performance.

We are going to prepare you. Step by step, with plenty of practice and video recording, individually and tailored to meet your requirements.

We, meaning Angela Bittner and Andreas Hieke, are happy to share our years of professional experience with you.


* Press & PR
With lots of practice, your current examples & questions and tools for successful PR.

* Media Training: Basic course, advanced course I; advanced course II. In the advanced courses we intensify and enlarge upon the acquired basic knowledge individually with further camera exercises, staged situations and further tips regarding body language, rhetoric and insider media information.

Duration: 1 or 2 days each
Location and fees upon request


When does a press release become news
Professionally structuring a press release
How to send it? By email or post?
Research: facts, arguments, topicality, target group
Research: medium, journalist
Collaboration: PR department and journalists
Requirements for a successful press conference
Targeted PR (mailing list, contacts, networks)
Finding appealing figures: associations, institutions, organisations
Open press portals, specific addresses
Social media: Pro's and con's


Interview preparation: structure & content
Preparation: journalist, medium & format
Target group focused communication
How do I formulate my message
Telling stories and arousing emotions
Rhetoric tips for questions & answers
Making an impact (outfit & body language)
Practice in front of the microphone & camera
How you see yourself and how others see you
Tips regarding your visual appearance
How journalists work & what they need
What the journalistic formats are and which ones are relevant for you
Rights & obligations for both sides (you & the journalist)


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