Plain, Straight & Spot-on


Workshop: 2 days

Why doesn’t the other person understand me? How on earth have they come up with this notion? That’s not what I said at all! ...What’s going wrong here? Obviously the communication!
Most people think, it can’t be down to me, English is my native language, so it must be the other person! – Whose native language is also English....

And this is exactly where the problem lies. We don’t think at all about whether we’re expressing exactly what we intend to and what the other person should understand but implicitly assume that the other person knows what is going on in our head and mind. A thoughtless choice of words, clichés and conjunctives ultimately deliver the fatal blow to clear communication.
The result: misunderstandings and misinterpretations!


: formulated articulately, precisely, clearly.
Constructive: so that positive development is encouraged and an improvement is achieved.

This 2-day workshop ensures clarity – with lots of practice, insights and humour. Instant use in your work and everyday life guaranteed.


Written correspondence: Emails, memos, letters, replies, requests, enquiries, applications, etc.
Verbal: Discussions, meetings, conflicts, enquiries, answers, information, briefings, etc.
Level: From apprentice to CEO

In brief: For anyone who communicates in writing or verbally, internally or externally, directly or indirectly.


Clear, empathetic communication focused on benefit. Getting to the point without any beating around the bush.


Preparation – check lists and my voluntary round-the-clock assistant work wonders
Non-verbal communication – gut feeling & subconsciousness
Rhetoric – dialogue constructions, questioning & answering techniques
Language – words with impact
Stylistic devices – speek more noticeable
Direct – polite & professional
Unforgettable – how to remember names & the most important keywords
Changing perspectives – from problem to benefit
Empathy & diplomacy – about values and motifs


English & German

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