We Film


3-day workshop with filming (You can take the final cut of your film with you and show your colleagues!)

Communication Training - Character Analysis - Role Definition

Sound out your team:

* How motivated and creative is your team?
* Are you all pulling together?
* Is your team ideally positioned?
* Is everyone happy?
* Are the competences and talents used in the best possible way?
* Is an optimal overall result guaranteed?

Length: 3 days
Location & price on request.


- Communication Training
– Character Analysis
– Role Definition
– Filming

...and action!
Your team makes a film!
Lock, stock and barrel: Director, screenwriter, cameraman, light technician, sound editor, actor, producer, etc.

The insight into another world, the world of film, opens up new perspectives for you and guarantees a lot of fun besides!

As well as discovering unimagined skills (of your own and of others), these three days offer you a mixture of self-discovery, analysis of public image and self-concept, creativity and insight into how smoothly your team runs.

We, that is Angela Bittner and Leonor Bruna, will accompany you in this experience and support you with all our knowledge and many years of experience.

Training content & process and investment on request.

Objective: Strengthening of an existing team, development of a new team structure, or simply getting to know other perspectives, which you can immediately apply to your everyday life, both professionally and privately.

Target groups: Management level, colleagues, service providers, units (PR / marketing), athletes, production factories, tourism, associations, women, teams and study groups of all kinds.

Locations: Germany, Switzerland, Austria