1 or 2 Days Workshop and/or 30 Minutes Incentive Speech

A crisis is a difference in opinion. A reason to talk. A reason to act.
Without differences in opinion, we would stagnate. Every insight into someone else’s opinion provides new perspectives, new facts and new views. This helps us move forwards. This expands our horizons.

This “delicate issue” label that has been given to a crisis is undeserved.

Get to know the positive side of the crisis on this day.
Learn to value it and benefit from it.
Whether in your team, with colleagues, with customers, with the press or with the general public.

Together, we will develop these new perspectives and make a good crisis from the bad crisis. So that a crisis will never again upset you. Instead, you will benefit from it.

And should you worry that the crisis is robbing you of your voice or leaving you short of breath, then we have the opportunity of enhancing the workshop with my colleague Solveig Jeschke. She is a speaker, presenter and mediator and the ideal partner to relax your breathing and get your voice heard again. So not only will your voice lift – but your mood will too!

Length: 1-2 day(s)
Location & price on request.


  • Empathy & trust
  • Criticism & motivation
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication
  • Additional offer: Breathing & voice