Present with Pep


Workshop: 1 day, 2 days * Incentive Speech: 30 minutes

Suddenly, it goes quiet. All eyes are on you. The expectation crackles in the room...

Scenes from a nightmare? No, on the contrary. This is the moment when you call the shots. The moment, in which you have the power over the entire room. The time when you are the expert.

The reason why it seems so far removed from this is down to our primary instinct: One alone out in the open, against a mass, means danger – and since the people outnumber you and you are unarmed, the obvious instinct is flight...

Shame really, now that you are in charge...

Some love the spotlight and flourish completely, others feel totally uneasy, so uneasy that they forget everything that they have painstakingly prepared. Not everyone is blessed with a talent that is ready for the stage. But everyone has the gift. You simply need to tease it out, hone it and practice.


For you to learn to present yourself and your content, freely, blithely and professionally in front of an audience. For you to captivate your audience and enjoy doing it! This is learned, practised and refined. Without pressure, individually and with lots of enjoyment. You should feel at ease, find the tools and fill up with self-confidence.


Anyone who ...
• ...repeatedly presents a subject.
• ...speaks in front of an audience / group.
• ...speaks publicly.


  • Storytelling
  • Preparation & development
  • The beginning and the end
  • Body language, dynamics & rhetoric
  • PowerPoint & Keynote
  • Your friend, the stage fright
  • The audience & its mood
  • Practice, practice, practice – but in the right way


English & German