Position yourself with a high recognition value, become more noticeable & more significant: 2 Days and/or 30 Minutes Incentive Speech

Do you want to represent yourself and/or your company confidently and professionally? With a clear profile, profitably and congenially? Sustainably and distinctively? Then you need self-marketing.

Anyone who wants to be successful has to take their fortune into their own hands, make their values visible and offer a targeted benefit. Anyone who wants to set themselves apart from the masses needs their own signature and a clear profile. Anyone who wants to establish themselves in a sustainable way needs authenticity and a clear recognition value.

Self-marketing is not luck or chance but targeted personal development.

During these 2 days, we intensively, practically and personally establish, test out and practise how this works, how contexts are codependent, why the first impression is so important and how important the right preparation and dealing with people correctly is.
(See also It's Showtime (lecture) or Be Convincing)


  • Definition & application areas – What do I need self-marketing for
  • Making your mark – personal & unique
  • SWOT – paving the way to your goal
  • Positioning – being in the right place at the right time
  • Effective preparation – Me & the others
  • Added value, benefit & emotional connection – the brain justifies what the heart desires
  • The pitch – to the point
  • Confidence
  • Structuring a dialogue – orderly & specific
  • Language & choice of words
  • Body language – only someone who is convinced can convince others
  • De-stress – stage fright yes, stress no
  • Sustainability
  • Internet appearance (…must not be underestimated)


  • Spotting your own talent and making the best possible use of it.
  • Self-confident & relaxed appearance.
  • Understanding why others work in which ways.
  • Preparation focused on benefits and target groups.
  • Developing messages specifically & effectively.
  • Structuring the dialogue.
  • Picking up & serving your conversation partners.
  • Noticeably leaving your own fingerprint behind.


Anyone who ...
• ...wants to appear more self-confident.
• ...would like to be noticed more.
• ...would like to polish their verbal and non-verbal communication.
• ...wants to know who self-marketing works.


English & German